Lexington Soccer Association


After the fall 2020 season, we sent out a survey to all parents as a way for them to provide feedback on topics ranging from satisfaction with coaches, expectations/satisfaction with # of practices, interest in off season activities, etc. 

We asked that parents submit a separate survey for each child participating in U7 – Jr. High soccer.  Overall, we had 95 responses to the survey.  Below is a breakdown of the number of responses per age.

Jr. High – 12 responses
U12 – 23 responses
U10 – 23 responses
U8 – 24 responses
U7 – 13 responses

We will work on using these responses to improve our club and provide a better experience for players and parents.  We understand that not everyone’s needs can be addressed because responses vary among parents with children on the same team, but our goal is to try to do what is in the best interest of the players. 

Below is a quick recap of some of the questions and the responses we received.

What are the top priorities you would like to see from your child’s coach? (top 4 in order)

Skill Development
Good Sportsmanship
Team Tactics
Promotes Fun

How many nights of practice did your child’s team have during the preseason?

1 night – 34 responses
2 nights – 44 responses
3 or more – 17 responses

36% of respondents wished for more practices during the preseason, with the vast majority being people who responded that their child’s team only practiced 1 time per week.  We believe the takeaway from this is that we will recommend that our coaches aim, if they are able, to practice 2 times per week in the summer preseason.

How many nights of practice did your child’s team have during the season?

1 night – 68 responses
2 nights – 16 responses
3 or more – 11 responses

The majority of respondents agreed that they were satisfied with the number of practices their child had during the season.  There was no clear connection between the number of practices and the responses wishing for more practices.  Our takeaway would be that during the season, we would suggest the coaches at minimum have 1 practice per week and consider 2 practices if scheduling permits.

Do you want more summer training options for your child?

Yes – 86%

What training would you like to see available during the summer?

Camps / Clinics – Top response
Scrimmages / Practices – Next highest response

Do you want winter training options for your child?

Yes – 76%

What training would you like to see available during the winter?

Camps / Clinics and Indoor Play were split 50/50 among respondents.

We asked what the best method was for Lexington Soccer Association to communicate general information and announcements to parents. (rank most preferred to least)

Mass Text

We asked how many people were aware of Lexington Soccer Association’s college scholarship that is available to graduating Lexington High School seniors.

20 people were aware
75 people were not

99% of respondents were in favor of our continuation of this longstanding program.