Lexington Soccer Association

Lex Littles Spring 2024 Schedules


Lex Littles soccer is designed for our younger athletes ages typically 4- 5 years old. This program is played in-house, and all games will be at Patriot Park near the back of the park (north end). Typical days for games are any combination of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning but only two games are played a week.

Lex Littles athletes will need the following gear for the season:
1. Soccer Shoes
2. Shin Guards
3. Size #3 Soccer Ball

LSA will supply a jersey for each player.

Lex Littles operates in the following fashion:

Teams will practice 20 minutes at the beginning of their scheduled game time and then play a short game (4 6-minute quarters). Typically, there is no additional practices outside of the planned time before games, but this is entirely up to each coach.